Batak staff finial AS10
PRIEST'S STAFF FINIAL, tungkut malehat/tunggul panaluan
Culture, Origin: Batak, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia
Material: wood, feathers, horse hair, cord
Dimensions: figure 19cm, overall 43cm to top of tallest plume
Provenance: Max Wilborg, London (collection label no. 73524)
Notes: Staffs are among the most important of a wide variety of paraphernalia used by Batak priests (datu) during trances to establish contact with the spirit world for divination, curing ceremonies, malevolent magic etc. The power of the staff is embodied in a substance called pukpuk (literally, ”fertilizer”), inserted in the wrappings on the head of the top figure. The topmost future depicts twin brother whose incestuous relationship with his sister was the origin of these staffs.
Burmese box
Culture, Origin: Burma, 20th Century.
Material: lacquered wood.
Dimensions: 20cm D x 24.5cm H.
Provenance: Private Collection, UK
Notes: Used to store medicines, herbs and spices. The 13 stoppers are carved as protective spirits or ‘nats’ and sit above the painted gold and red frieze of warriors amongst scrolling foliage.
Price: £850
bangle as81
Culture, Origin: Straits Chinese/Chinese Peranakan, Malaya/Singapore
Material: gold, bamboo
Dimensions: 7-9cm Diam
Provenance: Private collection, UK
Notes: These bangles were worn by Peranakan women (Nonyas) for important occasions like weddings. The Peranakan are a Chinese ethnic group that settled in the Straits of Malacca region, in the southern Malayan peninsular and Singapore and Penang. Most bangles are bent bamboo with silver or silver gilt ornament, however this fine example is high grade gold, most probably 22ct.
Price: POA
Buckle AS83
BELT BUCKLE, pinding
Culture, Origin: Straits Chinese/Chinese Peranakan, Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia
Material: silver gilt
Dimensions: 10 x 14cm Diam
Provenance: Private collection, UK
Notes: Belt Buckles of various designs are worn by Straits Chinese women in Borneo, Penang, Malaya, Singapore and Indonesia on important occasions like weddings. The buckle is repousse decorated with pairs of Taoist figures, insects, birds and flowers. The back has clasps for attaching a silver belt.
Price: £750
hair ornament as79
HAIR ORNAMENT, cucuk sanggul
Culture, Origin: Straits Chinese/Chinese Peranakan, Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia
Material: silver gilt
Dimensions: 9cm Diam
Provenance: Private collection, UK
Notes: Hair ornaments are worn by Straits Chinese women in Borneo, Penang, Malaya, Singapore and Indonesia during festivals and during important celebrations like weddings. The ornament head is repousse decorated with the three Taoist Star Gods, Fu, Lu and Shou whilst the stem is engraved with panels flowers. The back is stamped with Chinese silver makers marks.
Price: £390
mandau as87
SWORD, mandau
Culture, Origin: Dayak, Sarawak, N.Borneo
Material: iron, wood, rattan
Dimensions: 72cm including scabbard, blade 54.5cm
Provenance: Arthur Winston Moore, 1910-1937, collected in Dulit, central Sarawak during Oxford University Expedition in 1932.
Notes: This classic old Dayak weapon has a carved wood hilt finely decorated with ash and other motifs. It is bound the the blade with fine woven rattan. The blade has been blackened by the smith and the edges polished. The wood scabbard is partially incised, and bound with rattan, with plaited rattan sling. Price: POA
Sawankalok jar AS45
Culture, Origin: Sawankalok, Thailand, 14th-16th Century.
Material: stoneware
Dimensions: 9.7cm D x 9cm H.
Provenance: Private Collection, UK
Notes: Painted with underglaze blue-grey decoration with continuous frieze of scrolling foliage between line borders, brown glazed stupa shaped finial and foot.
Price: £200
sawankalok jar AS47
Culture, Origin: Sawankalok, Thailand, 14th-16th Century.
Material: stoneware
Dimensions: 10cm D x 7cm H.
Provenance: Private Collection, UK
Notes: In the form of a persimmon, this jar and cover is incised and glazed in cream and brown with scrolling acanthus below dentil border on the cover. The cover knot is shaped like the stem and sepal of the fruit (cover is restored).
Price: £150
water scoop
Culture, Origin: Vietnam.
Material: coconut, wood.
Dimensions: 33cm
Provenance: Private Collection, UK
Price: £290

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